Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience (or Rally O for short) is an exciting new sport in Australia and we have Rally O classes once a month here at Redlands Dog Obedience Club on the third Wednesday of each month (weather permitting).

Rally O requires basic Obedience skills, follows a course similar to Agility and uses positioning and manoeuvrability like the DWD dogs so it is a sport that appeals to everyone in dog sports.

It is less formal than tradition Obedience which makes it a great stepping stone onto other dogs sports.

Judging in Rally Obedience isn’t easier but it is more user friendly. Competitors are encouraged to talk to their dogs, they are allowed to give more commands and are allowed 2 Retries if they make a mistake.  Novice level is all on-lead and Advanced, Excellent and Masters are off lead.

Rally O moves a lot faster than traditional Obedience so it makes the dogs think and keeps them moving.  There are some new exercises to learn and every Rally O course you run will be completely different.  Rally obedience is also lower impact than Obedience and Agility so dogs can stay competing for longer and the older dogs can come out of retirement and get back to working again.

Redlands Dog Obedience will have course(s) set up on training nights for dogs and handlers at every level.  Dogs really need to have completed two class levels to reach the skill level and control needed to learn Rally Obedience.

We also run Rally O competitions in conjunction with some of our Obedience trials.

If you want more information about Rally Obedience, contact the Club or come down and watch the dogs working.