Training for flyball is on tuesday nights at Redlands Dog Obedience Club – Judy Holt Park , Birkdale.

We gather at 6.00pm to put out equipment and commence training at 6.30pm


Beginners Intake is now 1st Monday of every month (bookings essential), you will need to contact the co ordinator blueasha(at)bigpond(dot)net(dot)au  first to be booked in before coming to the club. Your dog will go through the foundations skills in the first 2 weeks, to get the basics of flyball skills needed to progress through the different levels. Redlands flyball uses the latest techniques and equipment to assist you and your dog to progress quickly and efficiently.


At the intermediate level your dog has learnt a full-run, and will start learning to work with other dogs, as a stepping stone to joining the competition dogs in the advanced level. Box work, handling skills are refined.

Advanced –

The advanced level is for the dogs competing in teams and those dogs about to join a team. Competition skills are taught to prepare you and your dog for working with other dogs as a team, with focus on passing, speed and general competition skills.


Swimmers turn – slow motion


Box Turns