Flyball Club Rules and Regulatuions


Joining Flyball Club

1. Handlers MUST be a member of Redlands Dog Obedience Club before starting training on their 1 st week . Yearly $ 15.00. + 5.00 join fee . Each training week $ 5.00
( Vaccination certificate needs to be brought 1st week )
2. Dogs must be at least 10 months old.
3. NO aggressive dogs are allowed. Any dog showing aggression to another dog may be banned from the club.

Training Nights

6.30pm Set-up – everyone training a dog helps sets up equipment
7.00-7.10pm Instructors news and announcements
8.15-8.30pm finish training , pack away equipment
adequate footwear must be worn.
Training fees ( $ 5.00 ) must be paid before 7.00pm at the shed
Cancelled training nights will be notified by text message to your mobile phone.

4. Dogs must be on lead when waiting to do an exercise.
4a. Flyball Coordinator and Instructors have the right to refuse any dog that shows a health risk, due to being overweight, injury, limping or interferring with another dog’s training.
5. No balls to be thrown, juggled or left lying on the ground while dogs are training.
7. Equipment may be borrowed to take home – turning boards, jumps, flyball box at request to the instructors. Equipment borrowed MUST be returned the following
Tuesday. Failure to return the equipment , you will be banned from borrowing. Because several people may want to borrow 1 piece of equipment, we will have a share system, so everyone gets a chance to use the equipment.
8. End of training – equipment must be stored in the shed in an orderly manner, and the in the correct area allocated for flyball storage. If you are not sure where, please ask !!


Flyball Competition


1. You must notify the flyball coordinator that you are available for a competition at least 2 weeks before closing date of a competition.

2. All dogs competing MUST have a CRN number ( registered number from the AFA)

3. A maximum of 6 dogs are allowed in a team. If there are more than 6 wanting to go into a competition, some will miss out. A system is in place to select 6, based
on the 6 most reliable dogs. This means – dogs don’t miss jumps, and always returnwith the ball. Those who miss out, will get priority for the next competition.
All efforts will be made to create a 2nd team so nobody misses out, but this is notalways possible.

4. Competition Day – It is the responsibility of the members in the team to take equipment to the competition venue- flyball box, bucket of balls, shaggers bucket.
Gazebos can be worked out between those going to the competition.

5. Decisions of dogs running and combinations for races is made by the team captain.

6. Sportsmanship – flyball is a team sport and needs everyone to work together in a fair manner, Blaming boxloader or fellow team  members for your dogs bad performance
is not acceptable. Please tell your captain privately if you have a problem on the day
7. Respect your boxloader- assist them by holding your arm up to indicate which way your dog turns ( left or right ). Or wear a coloured band around the arm that indicates your dog turns.

8. Redlands team members are expected to steward from time to time at competitions.

Rules will be updated from time to time.