Dances With dogs


Dances with Dogs (DWD) is a Canine sport, approved by the ANKC as an official competition sport in Australia with competitions commencing in 2009. 

DWD provides handlers and their dogs with an opportunity todemonstrate a skilful, choreographed routine, performed to music.Whilst having its foundation in obedience heelwork, DWD enables the handler to include innovative and creative moves and movement in time to music, giving the illusion of dance. 

Dances With Dogs encompasses two separate divisions:

(a) Dances With Dogs Freestyle

(b) Heelwork to Music

DWD requires a good rapport between dog and handler, with a high levelof teamwork.It is about fun, teamwork, motivation, focus, and great music. 

DWD is suitable for handlers of all ages, and dogs of all breeds, size and age.  There are no compulsory moves in freestyle, and the handler can develop the routine to showcase the dog’s strengths with no need to include moves the dog may find difficult or which are not yet at performance standard. 

DWD training is positive and motivational, providing the dog and handler with a fun learning experience.  No dance skills are required to participate in and have fun with this sport.

DWD classes at RDOC include foundation work, specific DWD moves, transition moves, assistance with selection of music and development of routines, and competition preparation.

Training :  every 2nd and 4th Wed of the month at 6.30pm  

If your instructor – Sharon Clark, is unable  to attend, classes are not covered by another instructor but participants are welcome to attend a regular obedience session at RDOC. Sharon will send an email to participants as early as possible inrming she is unable take the class. If the weather is uncertain contact RDOC to see if classes are on: 0420 425 986. If general classes are on but DWD classes have been cancelled due to the weather a message will be left with the person monitoring this number o also enquire specifically re DWD


DWD competitions are held regularly and titles can be obtained in both HTM
(Heelwork to Music) and DWD Freestyle at the following levels:
Starter (2 qualifications required)
Novice (3 qualifications required)
Intermediate (3 qualifications required)
Advanced (3 qualifications required)
Dance Champion (additional 7 qualifications required in advanced level at
160 points or above)

About Sharon :                                                                         

Sharon currently competes in DWD with her 3 border collies. Murphy, at 13 1/2, is currently the oldest dog competing in DWD in QLD. She has her HTM Novice title, her Freestyle Intermediate title, and is currently competing in Freestyle advanced. Casey and Cian both have their advanced HTM and Freestyle titles, and several qualifications towards Dance Champion in both HTM and Freestyle. Sharon has a new puppy, Holly, who commenced foundation work and training for DWD at age 8 weeks.

For information on DWD classes held at Redlands DOC,

Contact Sharon Clark:  clarksl1(at)tpg(dot)com(dot)au