February  8th  2018



Dogs must be at least 10 mths old and have basic obedience - ie, sit, stay, come.

If you have not been to Redlands Obedience Club before, you will need to bring:

* Your dog’s current vaccination certificate. 
* $5.00 joining Fee (once only)
* $15.00 membership (yearly, pro rata rates apply for part year)
* $5.00 training fee (each week.)
* Your dog’s favourite treats and toys
* Soft Collar or Halti (No Check chains)
* Safe Footwear (sneakers please)( No thongs/sandals)

As we are all volunteers you will be required to help with either the setting up and putting away of the equipment each week. The quicker that set up is done the more training you will have.

Effective 18th August, 2016

Trialling Class:  6.30pm - 7.30pm   (Equipment set up 6.15pm)
* Trialling Class is for members/instructors who are currently competing and representing this Club or another Club in Agility Competitions.

Criteria: You must be currently trialling and have competed in a minimum of 10 agility trials and be committed to ongoing Agility Trialling.

Starters / Beginners Class:  7.30pm - 8.30pm   (Equipment set up 7.20pm)

Starters and Beginners groups will be catered for in this time slot.

Criteria: All other members with some training skills or beginners just starting agility training 

For further information do not hesitate to email us