Training Tips - Obedience


Start with a positive attitude.

Have treats.

Make training fun! Start with a fun game,then train and end with a game.

Make training enjoyable for you and your dog, they are your mate after all.

The space around you within length of lead should be a happy place for your dog to be,have treats in your pocket, give them a command, treat them and make it a positive experience to be with you.

Remember that when you are feeding your dog treats you must reduce the food intake at the main meal as you will end up over feeding your best friend.

Talk to your dog whilst training and encourage them along with you.You and your dog need to be walking at a brisk pace with their tails wagging.

Make obedience training fun!

Remember to use your voice effectively:

1.  Commanding tone for instuction – Sit, Drop, Stand etc.
2.  Light happy voice for praise and reward – Yes, Good dog
3.  Deep voice for incorrect behaviour – Arrgh, Leave.

Now Check your hand signals and footwork, are you giving your dog mixed signals?

Heel starting of with your left foot and stays leave your dog with your right foot first.

Stay exercises – it is important to give the command “STAY” and the signal as well,walk off with confidence, shoulders back and head up.

When you turn around don’t stare at your dog as this will most likely make them break the position you have put them in. If they do break you must walk back quietly and place them back in the position you left them.

Listen to your instructors: we can help to make training easier for you.

My number one training tip – do your homework and train your dog during the week, every day (5-10 minutes a day is better than nothing).

Remember training is like life – you only get out of it what you put into it.